Texture Coatings

Kodex texture coatings are cutting edge state of the art technology. Utilizing and capitalizing over 75 yrs of R&D experience and over 40 years of manufacturing experience in both waterproofing and painting industry an innovative range of texture coatings have been created. With unique self cleaning flexible coatings to tintable solar and heat reflective coating systems, Kodex texture coatings sit in a league of their own.

After years on understanding the importance of the visual effects and feel of texture coatings Kodex has developed a range of high performing coating system. This technology gives one the ability to achieve 1000’s of colors and various textures providing customer satisfaction and further allows each customer the flexibility to provide a personalized touch to each project.

In an ever changing world, keeping the product environmentally friendly has been at the forefront in R&D and constantly making sure the latest technologies are being applied. Kodex texture coatings are redefining the way the construction industry has viewed and utilized this technology, as Kodex believes strongly in building for the future.